How To Create, Login and Recover an Account on Roku?

Creating an account on Roku gives you access to an amazing selection of movies, TV shows, music and more. Sounds fun right? You can enjoy all of that as we will teach you how to create, login and recover an account on Roku. Yes, not only sign up or sign in we will help you with recovering your account too in case you forget your password.

This website only works in some countries so you should first check if your country is one of them.

How To Create a Roku account?

Our first and foremost task will be to sign up for a Roku account. Let’s have a look on how it’s done

Step 1:

Click on the link provided above as “Official Website” or enter “” in the address bar of your preferred web browser.

Step 2:

Click “My account” at the upper-right side of the page.

Step 3:

On the right side of the page, you will see a blue colored button labelled as “Create account“. Click it.

Step 4:

In this page, you will have to fill up a form with your personal information.

  1. Enter your first name in the first field.
  2. Type your last name in the second blank space.
  3. Input your own valid email address and re-enter to verify it.
  4. Come up with a strong password and enter it twice just like the previous step.
  5. Click the first two boxes to verify that you are above 18 years old and you accept the terms and conditions of the website. (You can click the third box too if you are interested in it).
  6. Enter the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.

Step 5:

Now, you have reached the second phase of the making the account. What you  need to do now is select the option that is the most fitting for you and click “Continue“.

Step 6:

In the third and final stage you will have to provide your payment and address details.

  1. Select your preferred means of payment.
  2. If you have picked “Credit/Debit card” as a payment method, you will have to give your card number, the month and the year your card expires in and your Security Code (CVV).
  3. Enter your present address in the third field of the billing address information.
  4. Type the name of your city just below it.
  5. Select the state and country you’re from.
  6. Input the postal code of your city.
  7. Provide your telephone number.
  8. Tick the box to confirm that you’re not a robot.

Step 7:

Click “Save and Continue” to end the process.

How To Login to my Roku Account?

Step 1:

Go to the official website of Roku.

Step 2:

Click the purple “My account” button.

Step 3:

Type your email on the field labelled as “*Email“.

Step 4:

Input the Roku password on the next textbox.

Step 5:

Check the box that says “I’m not a robot“.

Step 6:

Click “Sign in” at the bottom to complete the procedure.

How to recover my Roku account after I forgot my password?

As mentioned earlier we are also going to show you how to recover your account in case you forgot the password.

Step 1:

Go to the Roku website and access the account section. (You can do this by following till step 2 of the logging in process)

Step 2:

Click on “Forgot password?” at the bottom just beside the “Sign in” button.

Step 3:

Enter the email associated with Roku.

Step 4:

Tick the box after which you will be provide with certain tasks that you have to complete to convince the site that you’re not a robot.

Step 5:

Click “Submit” and a password recovery email will be sent to the email address you entered in step 3.

Step 6:

Click the link in the email. ( This link will be valid only for 1 hour.)

Step 7:

Provide a new password of your choice in both the fields and submit it.(We suggest you to give an easier password so that you won’t forget it again.)

Now that you know how to create an account, login to it and even recover your password if you somehow fail to remember your password, you can access all the cool services of Roku. We hope this was usefull and have a fun time with Roku too.


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