[How To] Download YouTube Videos For Free

Youtube is a huge part of the media industry in this internet age. Almost all kinds of videos can be found in YouTube. From toddler education videos to complex quantum mechanics lectures, this example too does not do justice to the wide spectra of videos that YouTube has. Sometimes there are some videos that you need to have an offline copy of. Maybe it is your own video that you uploaded years ago or a lecture that you want to listen to somewhere else. You will need to download the youtube video. Although there are different methods available throughout the internet. In this guide, we will only cover the methods that are the easiest and the most helpful. 

Downloading YouTube Videos Through Web Browser

The easiest ways are to add a some letters to the youtube url as shown below. These will lead to some third party websites that will allow you to download the videos or even mp3 versions. Although most sites will not allow you to download the full HD (1080p) versions of the video, some will. They are mentioned below as well.

The Magic Method

This method is fairly simple. But does not have the feature to download videos converted to mp3 files.

Just enter the word “magic” in between you and tube as youmagictube.com/(video URL). Then click enter. This will take you to the Save-Video website. Which should look similar to the picture below.

 The only downsides to this website is that it has a lot of pop up ads and not being able to download mp3 files.

Y2mate method | Download mp3 Versions 

This method is similar to the Magic method.

Just add the letters pp at the end of youtube and click enter. This will lead you to the Y2mate website.

This website is way better than the first method. Because you can download audio in High Quality from here. So you can download that obscure Tool song without any hassle. You can download the lower quality 128 bitrate version by clicking on the mp3 button on the top row. To download higher quality audio converted versions. Click on the YouTube to Mp3 Converter button on the bottom.

You can select multiple audio quality options from here. If you have sufficient space, it is best to always select the 320 kbps option for maximum quality.

If you want to directly go to the download page without typing the pp every time. Below are the links for both the Video downloader and the High Quality Audio Downloader.

Video Downloader

Audio Downloader

It is recommended to keep these links Bookmarked in your browser if you download from YouTube frequently. To download the videos in full quality 1080p. You will need some other options. Normally full HD videos are large so you will need some external softwares to download them.

If there are any issues or questions regarding this topic, feel free to comment below and let us know. We will try our best to resolve your issues. 

Using VLC Media Player to Download YouTube Videos for Free

VLC Media Player is a free software from VideoLAN that can be used for multiple purposes. If you don’t have this software already, click here to download the latest version of VLC. If you are using a mac, click here for the download link. The steps to download YouTube Videos through VLC are below.

Step 1

First open VLC. Then go to the Media settings on the top right corner as shown. Then Click on the Open Network Stream button. Or just simply press Ctrl+N.

Step 2

Now, Copy the YouTube Video link and paste it as shown below. Then Click on the Play button at the bottom or hit Enter.

Step 3

Now, The video will start playing in VLC Media Player. Then right click on the video and go to tools and click on the Codec Information. Or just press Ctrl+J.

Step 4

Then, copy the location link as shown below. Then open your browser to proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Now paste the link in your browser. Then click enter. Then the video will play from its Google location. To download this video, right click on the video and click on Save as.

The only downsides to using VLC to download videos is that it cannot be used to download 1080p Videos. To Download 1080p Videos there are a couple of methods listed below.

Using 4K Video Downloader To Download Full HD YouTube Videos For Free

4k Video Downloader is a free application that lets you download high quality YouTube Videos up to 4k Resolution as the name so strongly suggests. You can download 4k Video Downloader by clicking here.

4k Video Downloader can run in different languages as per your preference.

You can also use 4k Video Downloader to download videos from other websites such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Tumblr etc.


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