How to Enable and Disable Voice Narrator in Windows 10

The Voice narrator feature of Windows is great. You should utilize this useful piece of built-in accessibility software and for that you need to know how to both enable and disable it. It was developed by professor Paul Blenkhorn in 2000. This has allowed even visually impaired people to enjoy the services of Windows but even people with good eyesight find it useful.

In This Post:

How to Enable Voice Narrator

There are many ways to enable voice narrator in Windows and we will be discussing every one of them from the shortcut method to the long one. Here are seven ways to enable the voice narrator in Windows

1) Shortcut Method

This is the shortcut method to enable voice narrator using only keys. You can enable it by pressing Windows key and Enter at the same time. For Windows 10, press Control, windows and Enter at the same time.

2) Simply Search

This method is very simple as all you have to do in this method is search for “narrator” and click on it.

3)Windows PowerShell

Search for “Windows PowerShell” in the search bar. Open it, input “narrator” and hit Enter.

4)Command Prompt

This method is pretty similar to the previous one and also as simple. Press Windows + R to display Run dialog. Type “cmd” and click OK which will open the Command Prompt. Type “narrator” and press Enter.

5)Via Run

This method is simpler than the prior two methods. Press Windows + R to display the Run dialog. Now, simply type “narrator” and press OK.

6)Long method


This the longest method among all of the methods. First, open the control panel and select “Ease of Access” at the bottom right.Then click on “Ease of Access Center” after which select “Start Narrator“.

7) Settings


This is also similar to the previous method. Go to settings and select “Ease of Access“. Then select “narrator” and turn it on.

We hope you enjoy your time with the Voice narrator.

How To Disable Voice Narrator

Nobody can disagree that the voice narrator feature is really awesome. But, if you accidentally open the voice narrator and can’t close it, it will be a disaster. It will narrate every single one of your actions which is quite irritating and also you will have to disable it at some point even if you enabled it by your own will. Let’s check out some of the ways to disable the voice narrator.

1) Shortcut Method

You won’t have to go further than this as this is the most convenient method using only keyboard keys. You just need to press “CapsLock” and “Esc” together and you will get rid of the voice narrator.

2) Settings

This method is exactly the same as the settings in the enable method except you have to switch it on instead of off.Go to settings and select “Ease of Access“. Then select “narrator” and turn it off.

3) Close window

For this method, right-click Narrator on the taskbar and select Close window in the menu.

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