[How To] Improve your Gaming Experience on Android Devices

It is every gamer’s dream to play his/her game peacefully without any lags and also in better quality. Nothing annoys a gamer more than losing not because of his performance but because of lags and bugs. Here, we will showcase a bunch of methods(divided into two groups. i.e: that require root and that don’t) to make your gaming experience better. Each of those methods will have it’s pros and cons, we will explain all of them and it will be up to you to decide which method suits your gaming style the most.

Methods To Boost Your Gaming Performance With Root (Android)

We don’t recommend rooting as it has a lot of risks and we will not be responsible for your actions.

Rooting voids your warranty, slightly increases the risk of “bricking” and viruses.

Overclocking Android Devices

If your phone is rooted, the best method to boost your gaming performance is to overclock your device. It simply means forcing your CPU to run a bit faster.It is the best method because it could boost your gaming performance by 30%.


The best methods come with the biggest price, Overclocking is not an exception. Overclocking generates more heat and drains a lot of battery which can create instability and affect your battery life permanently.

You can overcome these drawbacks slightly. Don’t directly increase the clock speed to 30% but increase it gradually while evaluating your phone’s condition. If your phone is working fine then slightly increase the clock speed and when you notice the drawbacks mentioned earlier, back off to the last stable clock speed.

How to:

First, download the Kernel you want to ( Ensure that the Kernels work with your version of android and supports overclocking). Then turn off your phone and press the volume down button and power button simultaneously. Use volume buttons to highlight Recovery mode and power button to select it.Tap the Install button (or ‘Install zip’ in CWM recovery) and navigate to the location where you saved the kernel zip file and flash the Kernel zip file. After some time wipe the cache and go to Advance settings. Select “Fix Permissions” and then “Reboot System“.

Using Ram Expander:

A ram expander creates a “swap” file on your internal storage. This swap file acts as secondary RAM, thereby giving you a heavy performance boost. ”RHOESOFT” RAM EXPANDER” is a popular RAM expander. The app makes use of a portion of a device’s free storage space to serve as extra RAM.


The performance given by it is not as good as the actual physical ram.

How to:

Firstly, download the app. Launch the app and grant “Superuser rights“. Tap on Optimal Value and then select the path where you want to create the swapfile. Tap on OKSelect on “gamers“. You need to click on “Swap Active” if you have manually set the size of swapfile. Tap close when it reaches 100%.

Methods To Boost Your Gaming Performance Without Root

Game booster and Cleaning apps:

There are a lot of game booster and cleaning apps out there. You can pick any one of them, some of them are Clean Master, 360 security etc. These apps basically clears all the junk.


It’s drawback is that it only clears cache and the performance is not affected by cache most of the time.


Most of the people mistake Greenify for a cleaning app which is not fully true. Cleaning apps clears the cache whereas Greenify basically puts all your apps to “hibernation” mode, which is literally equivalent to closing all apps and stopping their processes. This gives you a high RAM boost by forcefully stopping all apps.

These are the ways to boost your gaming performance but here are some more tips that boost your gaming performance :

  • Make sure that your phone has enough internal storage as most of the lags occur due to storage problems.
  • Turn background sync off.
  • If your device overheats while gaming then go in cold room, heating may throttle CPU and GPU.
  • Try lowering graphics in game setting if possible.

Improve The Gaming Quality Through Android Developer Option:

This method doesn’t improve performance but does the opposite. It only improves the quality.

You can either improve the performance or the quality. This is for those who choose quality over performance.

Step 1:

First activate developer options which you can simply do by going to “Settings” then “About Phone” and tap on “Build Numbers” 4-5 times .

Step 2:

Search for “Turn on 4x MSAA” in the Menu and enable it.

If you find more methods, please do comment in our comment box.


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